Getting Started

EdgeGallery Overview

Developer Platform

App Store

MEC Management Platform

Application Testing and Certification Platform

Edge node management platform

APP Development Process

Demo Introduction

The demo provides the steps for Edge Application Development in EdgeGallery Developer Platform, using EdgeGallery’s Positioning Service.

  • As a consumer service, the Positioning Service Application depends on “Face Recognition Service” of EdgeGallery Platform.

  • As a service provider, the Positioning Service Application publishes Location Service, provides external eco-API, and other services which can consume Location Service.

Introduction to the developer platform container deployment process

Development Preparation

  • Create a new project

  • Choose one of the platform Capabilities to depend on. Select “service discovery”

Deployment Test

Step 1 Upload App Image

Step 2 Upload the yaml file

Step 3 Deployment and commissioning

Application Publish

Step 1 ATP test

Step 2 Application release

Introduction to the deployment process of the developer platform virtual machine

Development Preparation

Create a new project

Resource allocation

Step 1 Basic information configuration

Step 2 Specification setting

Step 3 Network Settings

Step 4 Other settings

Deployment Test

Step 1 Start deployment

After the deployment is successful, you can upload the application code file and use the VNC function for operation and maintenance operations.

Step 2 Generate image

After the image is successfully generated, the image file can be downloaded.

Application Publish

Step 1 ATP test

Step 2 Application release

Local Development

  • Download the dependent plug-in-BashSupport and import into local IDE.

  • Run the plugin, which will automatically generate a sample code.

  • Author the APP code

  • Build the docker image