Contribution to mep-agent

This section provides details on how to participate/contribute to the mep-agent project.

Build local development environment

This section will guide developers to build mep-agent module locally and help developers to quickly understand and develop code

  • Clone mep-agent code

  • Open folder by goland

  • Configure the runtime environment variables
    MEP_IP=; MEP_APIGW_PORT=30443; AK=QVUJMSUMgS0VZLS0tLS0; SK=DXPb4sqElKhcHe07Kw5uorayETwId1JOjjOIRomRs5wyszoCR5R7AtVa28KT3lSc; APPINSTID=5abe4782-2c70-4e47-9a4e-0ee3a1a0fd1f; CA_CERT_DOMAIN_NAME=edgegallery

  • Run main.go to start mep-agent

  • After start, can call the api by postman