Service Center

1、Download Service Center

service center1.jpg

2、Run and



  1. Download user-mgmt-be code
  2. Configure the runtime environment variables of MainServer in the compiler (here in IDEA as an example)


  1. Run the MainServer function and start UserManagement
  2. Download the jwt token generation script and need to give rsa private key and payload file path in the field provided.

Example Payload

  	"userName": "sample user name",
  	"userId": "example user id",
        "scope": "sample scope",
        "ssoSessionId": "ssoSession id to be given",
  	"authorities": [ Example of authorities to be given
  	"jti": "unique id",
  	"client_id": "enter client id"
  1. Generate the jwt token and can be used to test the api.