Feature Design

The AppStore is an application repository module for EdgeGallery, which is primarily responsible for the storage and management of 5G edge applications where the current version has decentralized control and different user roles contain different features.

Administrator users include application upload, application test, application release, application query, application comment, download/delete all applications, external warehouse management, application push, application pull, message management, operation analysis, application management, Sandbox management, application > online experience, application synchronization, application monetization, document center.

Tenant users include application uploading, application testing, application publishing, application querying, application commenting, downloading/deleting this user’s application, application online experience, application monetization, and document center.

Tourists users include Apply queries, document centers.

Feature Name

Feature Description

App Upload

AppStore supports users to upload application packages.

Application testing

AppStore integrates ATP test platform, application package can be tested via ATP test platform after user upload.

Application Publish

AppStore integrates the ATP test platform, and users can test the application package through the ATP test platform after uploading the application package.

Application Query

Users can view all published applications in the “Application Repository”, and view all the applications uploaded by themselves on the “My Applications” page

Application Review

Users can comment and rate the apps they see in the “App Repository”, but they cannot comment on their own apps.

App Download

Users can download application packages from the AppStore, tenants can only download application packages uploaded by the user, and administrator users can download all published application packages and application packages uploaded by the user.

Application Delete

Users can delete application packages from AppStore. Tenants can only delete application packages uploaded by this user. Administrator users can delete all published application packages and application packages uploaded by this user.

External app store management.

Users can add, delete, modify and check external application repositories.

App Push

Users can push shared applications to the added external application repository.

Application Pull

Users can pull applications that are allowed to be shared from the added external application repositories to this repository.

Message Management

The push, download and other operations performed by the user in “application sharing” will record a message log.

Application Acquisition

The user can obtain the application from the received push message and upload it to the current platform.

Application management

Users can manage recent popular applications, a list of applications that can be displayed in the application warehouse, and a list of applications that can be promoted.

Sandbox management

Users can add, delete, modify and check the sandbox environment.

App online experience

Users can instantiate applications based on the existing sandbox environment for online experience.

App synchronization

Users can deploy the application to the configured peripheral system, such as MEAO

Application monetization

Users can subscribe to favorite apps,Deploy to the designated edge node。

Document Center

Users can learn about the main functions, interface specifications and application package specifications of appstore in the documentation center.